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Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution Overview

ONE EAM integrates all internal operational workflows related to tracking, maintaining and managing assets giving visibility into the entire Asset Lifecycle. Stakeholders will be able to Design, Procure, Build, Deploy, Operate, Maintain and Decommission all assets with greater efficiency.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution

What Are Some Industry Challenges That Might Prompt the Need to Adopt Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)?

  • Asset/Device location and health are tracked with a pens, clipboards and spreadsheets
  • Device specific information about warranties and service history are inaccessible or lost
  • Assets are, unknowingly, under-utilized limiting productivity
  • Lost, stolen or damaged goods aren’t realized until an audit, cutting into profitability

The “Ripple Effect” That Follows After An Organization Implements the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Solution

  • Real-time visibility into asset location and health
  • Real-time device alerts prescribing hardware or software updates
  • Real-time alerts about active/inactive status of assets
  • Security and confidence to make well-informed decisions

Integrate All Internal Operational Workflows Related to Tracking, Maintaining and Managing Assets to grant Visibility into the Entire Asset Lifecycle.

Data Consistency and Transparancy

View and share the real time activity and performance of your field teams and assets

Asset Life Cycle Management

Providing asset detail and tracking to IT and Operations teams through AI-driven automation

Industry-Specific Thought Leadership

Consultative focus on digital solution adoption and efficacy

Gain Access to Truly Transformative Metrics

29% Reduction in Redundant Tasks Automate macro level reporting and device specific hardware and software updates processes

33% Increase in Employee Output Get more done with device specific history and real-time inventory updates

47% Reduction in IT Cost Ownership Simplify mismatched data, allowing IT teams to reduce maintenance costs and provide thought leadership

Empowering the Various Roles of Management-Reliant Organizations to Optimize Assets and Operations


Life Before ONE
Unable to synchronize Procurement and Field teams to manage inventory levels creating service and production bottlenecks

Life After ONE
Improved daily productivity armed with the device specific history and inventory updates required to finish tasks on time

Sales & Marketing

Life Before ONE
Have to combat poor customer satisfaction reviews and spin downtime events

Life After ONE
Able to leverage improved customer experiences and satisfaction scores as references to increase opportunity pipelines and drive revenue growth


Life Before ONE
Asset portfolios’ value and risk profiles are inaccurate

Life After ONE
Lower insurance premiums due to lower asset damage/loss risk

Game Changing Features

Device Management
Asset Tracking & History
Over The Air (OTA) Updates
Warranty Compliance
Service Contract Management
Remote Monitoring
Preventative Maintenance

Lifecycle Management
Procurement & Inventory
Work Order Management
Project Costing
Labor Management
Business Analytics
API/App Integrations

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