Sales and Service Management (SSM) Solution, Field Service Optimization
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Sales and Service Management (SSM)

Sales and Service Management (SSM) Solution Overview

ONE SSM gives stakeholders in the field and back at the office the real-time information and next generation tools they need to optimize their sales and service delivery operations. ONE’s intelligent Cloud and Devices monitor and learn from your personnel, vehicles, equipment and environment, to provide real-time managerial insight, operational intelligence and predictive analytics improving the experience at every customer engagement throughout the organization.

Sales and Service Management dashboards

What Are Some Industry Challenges That Might Prompt the Need to Adopt Sales and Service Management (SSM)?

  • Limited visibility into technician’s status on current work order
  • Limited visibility into customer’s status on current work order
  • Limited visibility into which technician is best to resolve the issue
  • Unable to recruit and retain talent due to knowledge gaps and inefficient working conditions

The “Ripple Effect” That Follows After An Organization Implements the Sales and Service Management (SSM)) Solution

  • Real-time visibility into when an asset is sick and may fail
  • Real-time alerts describing root cause of asset malfunction
  • Real-time synchronization with service delivery teams
  • Real-time synchronization with part inventory and procurement teams

Enable your Technicians, Dispatchers and IT Support teams to work together and deliver exceptional Customer Experiences

Data Access and Visibility

View and share the real time activity and performance of your field teams and assets

Field Service Optimization

Enabling service teams to optimize scheduling & dispatch through AI-driven automation

Industry-Specific Thought Leadership

Consultative focus on digital solution adoption and efficacy

Gain Access to Truly Transformative Metrics

85% Reduction in Manual TasksAutomate dispatches and autoroute technicians

77% Increase in Employee OutputClose out more work orders in less time

100% Improvement in Customer SatisfactionReal-time customer updates and feedback delivering a superior experience

Empowering the Various Roles of Management-Reliant Organizations to Optimize Assets and Operations


Life Before ONE
Burdened by manual and error prone systems causing blind spots into work order status and customer feedback

Life After ONE
Increased efficiency from automated dispatches and intelligent routing of the right technician, to the right locations, with the right parts

Sales & Marketing

Life Before ONE
Have to combat poor customer satisfaction reviews and spin downtime events

Life After ONE
Able to leverage improved customer experiences and satisfaction scores as references to increase opportunity pipelines and drive revenue growth


Life Before ONE
Difficult to manage working capital requirements due to unexpected ticket resolution delays

Life After ONE
Real-time operational performance visibility, enabling well informed financial management

Game Changing Features

Sales Pipeline Management
Scheduling Optimization & Automated Dispatch
Intelligent Routing
Customer Experience

Workforce Management
Workforce Mobility
Work Order Management
Service Ticket Management
Demand Forecasting
Resource Capacity Planning
Service Analytics

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