Secure Solutions for Asset Operations and IoT Devices | ONE
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Secure Overview

The Internet of Things is digitally transforming all industries. AI and edge computing give the next level of device administration. However, when there is more connectivity, there is more risk of infrastructure manipulation. When discussing IoT Security, it is important to understand the three levels of security analysis:


Hardware, OS, and IoT Devices


Connectivity to help Traffic and Sensors


Data Residing on the IoT Device

Dashboard security

What Are Some Industry Challenges That Might Prompt the Need to Adopt ONE’s Secure Solution?

  • Unauthorized Access of Devices
  • Abnormal Network Behavior
  • Application Profile Changes
  • Communication Protocols & Frequency Anomaly
  • Data Variability Outside Normal Operations

The “Ripple Effect” That Follows After An Organization Implements the ONE Secure Solution

  • Vulnerability Footprint Viewing Across All IoT Devices
  • Real-Time Notifications on Rogue Devices
  • Root-Cause Analysis of Device Tampering & Attacks”
  • Business Risks Mitigation
  • Deployment of IoT Initiatives with Confidence

Embed ONE’s AI/ML into the OEM Gateway Device to monitor/analyze in order to Discover, Detect and Defend against cyber security events

OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
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